• About ME

    I'm Anders Sothic. I am a salesforce consultant and software developer. I love to develop solution on the salesforce platform and I've been helping clients since 2009.

    In my blog I'll cover anything software related, hopefully I'll keep my writing to Salesforce related stuff but I can't promise anything.

  • Areas of Practice

    Salesforce API development

    I simply love integrations.

    Salesforce development

    I'll create custom solutions for you, if needed.

    Salesforce administration

    I'll admin your org.

    Software development

    I'll code anything for you that I can manage.

  • The Blog

    My thoughts and experience on anything software related.

    Salesforce Certifications are available since a long time and more people are getting certified now than ever. There are many certifications out there, I'll try to clear them out down below: Available Salesforce Certifications since July 2016: Admin/Configuration Certifications: -...
    Enhanced Email and its confusion Enhanced email was part of the summer 16 release. Not many people seem to be able to describe what it means, many of my clients have asked me and I'll try to summarize it. Basically it means that "Email" and it's API-name: "EmailMessage" is now available...