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Summer 16' release and what it means to the crowd

Enhanced Email and its confusion

Enhanced email was part of the summer 16 release. Not many people seem to be able to describe what it means, many of my clients have asked me and I'll try to summarize it.

Basically it means that "Email" and it's API-name: "EmailMessage" is now available through a Salesforce standard object. What this really means is hard to tell but it opens up some standard capabilities within the object as well as it it's now possible to display Email messages in the standard case console. This setting is available through the Page layout of the Case object.

Additionally, something my Client was happy about was that when an Email is created through the Email-to-case capability, with Enhanced Email, A task is no longer created and instead an Email record is created when an email is sent to Salesforce. This is a great improvement and a great additional step towards a clutter free flow of work.

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